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About The Puzzle Poster

Our Idea

The Puzzle Poster is a part of the Danish company Designomaten which specializes in creating customized and unique posters. All posters are made to order and contain the customer's own words and texts. Shortly after starting Designomaten we started getting requests from customers outside of Denmark and we decided to make an international website dedicated to one of our most popular posters - the puzzle poster.

The Puzzle Poster is no ordinary webshop. We sell only digital posters, ready for you to print at home. We have built a webshop that creates posters based on the texts and words that you choose and the webshop makes it possible for you to see your own unique and customized poster even before buying.

Behind the Puzzel Poster

Behind The Puzzle Poster

We are Pernille and Morten and we are the owners of Designomaten and The Puzzle Poster. We live near Aarhus in Denmark and we both work with IT for a living. Our webshops are our passions and joint projects which we pursue in our spare time. Pernille is doing the graphical work and Morten is handling the technical aspects.

Contact Us

Thank you for choosing The Puzzle Poster. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions. Write us an email at info@thepuzzleposter.com and we will do our best to help you out.

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